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  1. Are you running macOS Catalina? Try adding it to "Full Disk Access" in System Preferences >> Security & Privacy
  2. At this point I am expecting a new 3.0 version which adds a ton of features in addition to addressing any outstanding bugs. What else could explain the delay?
  3. So you sync them, but they don't sync. Unless they're in a folder. I'm glad you clarified that. I stand by my original comment 🙂
  4. You would have to put that file inside a folder. Resilio Sync does not sync single files, only folders with files within them.
  5. Looking at the change log and the forum posts for the last three releases: - December 27, 2019 - contains literally one fix - January 14, 2019 - 4 lines in the changelog - November 22, 2018 - 10 lines, a reasonable release So we had two releases in all of 2019, and one of them was literally just a single issue security fix. We went through all of 2019 without a significant release. It's not unreasonable to hope for something more if you want us to believe the app has not been abandoned. As for Frank's complaints about apps that update "too often", well that hardly seems relevant. Maybe there's a huge 3.0 waiting in the wings… but if that's the case, I hope a beta will be coming out soon.
  6. Assume that by "soon" I mean "within the next 4-6 weeks".
  7. Sorry if this is obvious, but in case you haven't tried it… try turning the setting off, make sure it's NOT in "Users & Groups" » "Login Items" and then try turning it back on.
  8. Are we likely to get a new desktop build anytime soon? It's been ages.
  9. I don't think you can use Sync to sync two folders on the same computer, even if they are not on the same drive. Last time I tried, it just refused to add it.
  10. Sounds great. I really like the app and don’t think there’s anything quite like it available, so I am hopeful that it has a bright feature.
  11. Thanks @Alex. I hope 2020 will see Sync back on track. I appreciate all of the help you’ve given on the forum during the past year which seems like it has been a difficult season behind the scenes.
  12. I have been using version 2.6.10061 which was previously released (only on the forum, as far as I know) to fix other issues. Does include the fixes from 2.6.10061? If not: Why not? 2.6.10061 has been around for a long time and we’ve seen no new builds. What do I do if I need the fixes contained in 2.6.10061 ?
  13. Well, if you know the results, then the wording should be fixed. If you think that they’d come up with Sync’s definition, you’d be fooling yourself.
  14. Go out and ask 100 people what “pause” means in the context of an app that syncs files, and let me know how many of them come back with your definition.
  15. If I wanted to stop all activities, I would quit Sync. But if I want to stop activity in just one folder then PAUSE ought to do that, not some other definition of PAUSE that NO ONE WOULD EVER ASSUME because to everyone else in the world PAUSE means PAUSE not PAUSE SOME THINGS BUT NOT OTHERS. This is either a bug or a terrible idea by some engineer. As the feature now exists, it should not be called PAUSE under any reasonable definition of the word PAUSE which a normal person would take to mean “Nothing will happen to this folder until I tell it to resume." The ability to pause some folders (and leave others syncing) is one reason that I chose Sync instead of Dropbox. If I wanted to have to quit the app to stop all syncing, I can just use Dropbox.