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  1. Resilio Sync has been designating several different Macs as having "Not enough free space on the drive. The drives actually have several hundred GB of free space. One of them had 343 GB free. All Macs are running Sync version 2.7.2. I have tried quitting and restarting the app on the machine that apparently has too little disk space. That does not seem to fix the issue, but then at some later point I will check again and the problem will have resolved itself. At one point tonight I had two Macs with plenty of disk space, each claiming that the other did not.
  2. Editing support for a syncing app is way out of scope. The developers can barely keep up with bug fixes. I'd say no to big new feature areas until we get stable builds on the regular.
  3. I have two computers in the same room, connected to the same network. Both of them see the other in Resilio Sync. Both of them say "0% progress" for several hours now. I have restarted RS on both of them. Both are running version 2.7.2. So… now what do I do?
  4. It's actually not all that unusual. I've seen that syntax used in code (C or ObjectiveC? I'm not sure) for things like `#include` and `#define`. That's what made me think it might be the same here.
  5. Is the difference, perhaps, that a `#` followed by whitespace is a comment, but a `#` followed by a letter/number is not?
  6. Technically t's not a 'package' (which ends with .pkg) it is a disk image (.dmg)
  7. Hi, and welcome to the forums! I'm a little unclear what you're asking, so let me restate what I think you're saying and asking, and if that's correct, then I can answer it, but if I'm not correct, then I'll need some clarification. You have "A" and "B" (where "A" is "studio hard drive array" and "B" is "an external hard drive "A" and "B" currently have all of the same media/data on them, but you want to move one of them (presumably "B") offsite Given that setup, you want to know if you can now add "A" and "B" to Sync, and will Sync be smart enough to figure out "Hey, th
  8. Unofficially, I can say that I have heard that Resilio seems to work fine in a VM which is running Big Sur beta 2. YMMV.
  9. I have absolutely no actual stake in this particular issue (I don't use Windows nor Windows Server, nor do I ever plan to)… However, as a customer and user of this software, I consider it absolutely unconscionable that terms of service for a license would be modified in a point update to a piece of software. I've been buying software for 20+ years now, and the very minimum terms of every (non-subscription) license have always been "If you buy version 1.0, you can use that license for all of the 1.x releases. You might have to pay to upgrade to 2.0, but once you do that, you can use a
  10. Hurrah! Glad to finally see a new release. And syncing two folders on the same computer will definitely come in handy. Here's hoping the next one isn't quite so long of a wait 🙂
  11. We've ben waiting for a new official release for months.
  12. Are you running macOS Catalina? Try adding it to "Full Disk Access" in System Preferences >> Security & Privacy
  13. At this point I am expecting a new 3.0 version which adds a ton of features in addition to addressing any outstanding bugs. What else could explain the delay?
  14. So you sync them, but they don't sync. Unless they're in a folder. I'm glad you clarified that. I stand by my original comment 🙂
  15. You would have to put that file inside a folder. Resilio Sync does not sync single files, only folders with files within them.