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  1. I do use Local Folder sync, but only on one of my computers. I guess I can continue to use Resilio Sync for those folders on that computer, but otherwise… I think it’s time to start looking elsewhere. I’ve already found myself not recommending Resilio Sync to people when I would have in the past because its status is so unclear and we haven’t seen any staff or new builds for so long.
  2. Small company or not, the fact that this question has been lingering for a month with not even an official comment is troubling, and does not do anything to quell comments about Resilio Sync being, if not dead, then at least comatose.
  3. FWIW I have an M1 MacBook, and Resilio isn't too bad for me. I'm seeing CPU under 2% and it's not registering as high battery usage, so it may depend somewhat on your usage. It should also be noted that Dropbox, which is a much much much larger company still does not have an Apple Silicon build yet, nor do they have any public comments about when one will be available. In fact, earlier builds of Dropbox failed entirely on Apple Silicon. So, while I hope that there is an Apple Silicon native build coming, I'm willing to give them a little time. Now, if we get to the end of Jan /
  4. 7 months later and no reply, I find myself wondering if I should be checking out Syncthing too. Is there a quick overview/summary of the differences (especially what Resilio features I would give up if I switched)?
  5. same link but in English 🙂
  6. "What's up" seems to be that the app and company appear to be in some sort of skeleton crew / maintenance mode with almost nothing happening for months at a time. It may not be dead, but it seems to be in deep hibernation.
  7. Be that as it may, I still hope the the app will be updated for actual M1 support rather than relying on Rosetta 2.
  8. Thank you, that is what I thought. Then we're back to the original problem, however… how am I getting a ".Conflict" file when I am syncing two folders, and both of them are supposed to be ignoring the file that was renamed with ".Conflict" added.
  9. Wait, what? The '.Conflict' is not added by Resilio? Last I knew, Dropbox uses "Conflicted Copy" in filenames that conflict… I just assumed this was Resilio's version of that…
  10. I have a folder which is syncing between two Macs, both running RS version 2.7.2. The ".sync/IgnoreList" file on both computers includes these two additions: Today I found a "index.Conflict.html" in that folder, which seems like it should not be possible if the ".sync/IgnoreList" file is being respected. What the heck is going on?
  11. Resilio Sync has been designating several different Macs as having "Not enough free space on the drive. The drives actually have several hundred GB of free space. One of them had 343 GB free. All Macs are running Sync version 2.7.2. I have tried quitting and restarting the app on the machine that apparently has too little disk space. That does not seem to fix the issue, but then at some later point I will check again and the problem will have resolved itself. At one point tonight I had two Macs with plenty of disk space, each claiming that the other did not.
  12. Editing support for a syncing app is way out of scope. The developers can barely keep up with bug fixes. I'd say no to big new feature areas until we get stable builds on the regular.
  13. I have two computers in the same room, connected to the same network. Both of them see the other in Resilio Sync. Both of them say "0% progress" for several hours now. I have restarted RS on both of them. Both are running version 2.7.2. So… now what do I do?
  14. It's actually not all that unusual. I've seen that syntax used in code (C or ObjectiveC? I'm not sure) for things like `#include` and `#define`. That's what made me think it might be the same here.
  15. Is the difference, perhaps, that a `#` followed by whitespace is a comment, but a `#` followed by a letter/number is not?