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  1. I totally agree. It’s a really solid and well-designed piece of software, and these issues are just due to the change in OS environment. But for people to keep using it, it has to be maintained, and it doesn’t really look like it is being at the moment.
  2. @Ken 5 or 6 on my Big Sur machine, with a combined footprint of under 10GB, and a total of maybe 5 peers among all.
  3. I reinstalled Sync and it still has this issue.
  4. Ok, so for anyone having a similar problem: I reinstalled Resilio and re-added the folder. No change. So I created a new folder on the Big Sur machine and shared that to the Mojave machine, then transferred the contents on the Mojave machine, and now it successfully synced back to the Big Sur machine. So if you have control over all peers, this may help you. If you don't, you may be SOL.
  5. Ya, so just added a new synced folder on Big Sur and it sits empty while Sync app happily says it's synced with all peers. (It should contain 1.5GB of files and folders). As above, Sync on Mojave machine shows a green tick but also "^ 8000 files to [Big Sur]" when drilling down. So Sync essentially not working at all on Big Sur for me. Any hint this is a widespread issue? Any word from Resilio regarding updates on the roadmap? I, like, need a file sync solution to do my job, so I guess I'm forced to find an alternative now. I'll check back with Sync next time there's an update I
  6. (More resource usage than Box! I mean…)
  7. On Big Sur, I'm finding I return to my computer to find a "Resilio Sync unexpectedly quit" notice up. Also Sync is using consistently at least 600MB of memory, and sometimes higher, and often 20+% CPU, to sit idle. (Mid-spec iMac 2017.) No issues with Mojave. What can I do to troubleshoot this? (Bonus question: With no updates or signs of life from the company in months, in the middle of an Apple architecture transition, and when millions are relying on remote file sharing more than ever... is Resilio Sync dead and should I look for an alternative?)
  8. I've used Sync between 5 Macs running Mojave and older, successfully, for a while. Just updated one to BigSur, and it won't receive some files. Mojave computer (with files) shows BigSur peer connected, shows a green tick, but clicking on peer list shows "^ 1008 files to [BigSur]. They are all tiny text files, .plist, .json, 40kB and under. BigSur computer (needs files) shows Mojave peer connected, shows a green tick, peer list shows "Synced with [Mojave]". But the folder has 1000s of missing files. Same thing happens with other folders, including those with big files, .pdf