Best Approach to Sync Network Folder to PC as well as Encrypt to a remote location.


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I'm a Sync Home Pro licensed user looking for advice on how best to perform the following steps:

  1. I have a set of Folders (from my NAS) that are synchronized to an External HD on my home PC for backup purposes.  - This part is done and within my network. 
  2. Take the same set of Folders (from NAS), or the External HD containing the backup, and sync with a remote machine at my home office (off my network) with encryption. - This is the part I am unsure how to perform.

Step 2 is the part that I'm confused on how to achieve.  When I attempt to add an encrypted folder I receive the following messages:

  • If attempting to start with the set of folders on my NAS the message I receive is - "Selected Folder is already added to Sync Home"
    • It is true that it's already added (see Step 1 above)
  • If attempting to start with the External HD on my home PC the message I receive is - "Cannot add "X:\". It contains a folder that is already synching.  Please chose another folder.  
    • It is true this folder is already synching.  It will take another few hours for the sync to complete.  

I'd appreciate any advice on how to achieve my goal.  I'm wondering if I need to let the Step 1 process finish it's sync before attempting to go to Step 2 or if there is a different approach all together?





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