sync gone wrong - where are the log files?


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It feels a bit stupid to ask this, but I really don't find an answer: Where can I find a log of all files synced/copied at a given time (mac-os)? I did find sync.log in ~/Application Support/Resilio Sync/, but this file does not contain the names of files copied...

I had a corrupt database, so I removed the folder from sync (on both computers), deleted the .sync folders, and then added the folder anew. Everything seemed fine, but it turns out, the initial sync was not one-way (as expected), but it also copied all old files from the out-of-sync folder into my up-to-date one, which is now cluttered with old data and duplicates. Seriously, this is bad.

How can I retrieve a list of the files which where copied from my out-of-sync folder to the one I started the sync from – so I can delete these manually? (Apart, I also would like to know why that happened – I did this very procedure often in the past, never a problem…)

Thanks for help!

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Update: I found some *.db files in ~/Library/Application Support/Resilio Sync/
These seem to be SQLite databases and might contain what I am looking for, but I have trouble making sense out of these. Around the time the sync took place there are some files with long arbitrary names (like F1F128EC62BAAD3B0F77773F9752DE7F2B31205C.62315888.db) and one large file named storage.db – I think this is the index of all files synced. Is there some way to filter out what has been copied when? Or some general explanation somewhere what and how things are stored in there?

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