Camera Sync Issues - Android rename of images to ".trashed"


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Hi all,

Have searched a bit but not finding any posts on this issue. I have been trying to get Sync running to back up images from a couple of Android devices (Pixels) but am facing a problem where Android apparently renames files with the prefix ".trashed-" when you delete from Google Photos, instead of just deleting. The Sync app then renames the photo file name to match. It does seem to retain that .trashed- file once you empty trash on the Android device, but this seems not ideal?

Last recommendation from supports was to add ".trashed" to the ignore list as a wildcard, which I tested out, however, then your image just gets deleted out of Sync completely which defeats the purpose of camera backup for me.

End goal is to be able to backup images/videos and delete them from the mobile device when needed to free space, as I prefer not to pay to host them indefinitely on something like Google One, etc. (already pay for BackBlaze)

Anyone else experience this? Any solutions? Do you just live with files having the prefix ".trashed" added?


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