Resilio keeps redownloading files previously synced and deleted


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I heard about Resilio froma blog article about using a 1st gen Pixel phone as a way to get unlimited Google Photos uploads in original format.

So I have set up a synced folder on my phone and on the Pixel phone.  What i would like to do is have Resilio send files from my phone to the Pixel.  Once it is on the Pixel, google photos will automatically upload them to my Google photos account.  Once they are uploaded, Google pohots will let me"Free Up Space" which delete files which have already been backed up in Google Photos.  I have set up both folders as RO and archive is on.  Everything seems to be working as planned except lately the photos Google Photos has erased after getting uploaded gets resynced from my phone to the pixel and the cycle continues endlessly.


i am not sure but i think it started to behave this way when I turned off Archive on the pixel in hopes that it takes up less space.  I have since turned archive back on but it is still behaving this way.


What do i need to do to have Resilio not keep redownloading files on the Pixel after they are deleted?

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I gave up trying to solve this and disconnected and reconnected the folder.  I moved everything out of the folder and so now it only contains newly taken pictures.  So far so good.


So no one else is using Resilio to transfer photos from Pixel1?

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