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I work as a composer assistant and I'm mainly the studio assistant. 

We recently upgraded two computers to the Mac Pro 2019. So I was trying to re-establish the Resilio Sync folders and I've run into a very frustrating issue. 

Whenever I try to create a sync folder between the 2 new computers (and almost any other computer we have), it always says 0 of 0 peers online, or if I do the email link with permission required selected, the computer that started the sync never gets a notification to approve the sync. There is only one computer at the studio that it works with, it's a mac mini that is used to host video. When I create syncs between the main Mac Pro 2019 and the Mac Mini, it works. I'm struggling to find what the difference is and why it only works on the mac mini. 

I've tried reading the help articles, but unfortunately it's all very unclear to me - I don't understand about listening ports, trackers, relay, etc. Could anybody explain to me what these things are? And has anybody else ever had a similar issue?  

I should mention that The two new Mac Pro's are mirrors of one another (used migration assistant), and once I finish setting them up one of them is going to my Boss' home setup, and the other one stays at the studio. We've synced folders between locations before so I know it is possible, but there must be something I'm missing this time around. 


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I have exactly the same problem: trying to connect 2 MacBook Pros, one running Catalina and the other Monterey. Other than that, they are (or started as)  identical, one created fromte other by user migration. They are both  connected via a one-way folder sync (read only) with a third MacBook Pro running Mojave, but the two in question do not connect to each other. I manually connected several folders (Desktop, Downloads, Documents) but syncing never starts and they show0 of 0 peers on line. Also, when trying to link them (manually) they can't find each other even though they are both on the same LAN. Another group of laptops on the same LAN does sync.

Can anyone help by suggesting what to look at?


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