Way to view backed up photos on mobile phone?

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I'm looking for a solution to view photos/videos that were backed up before from a mobile phone by Resilio Sync to my Raspberry from remotely, most preferably through an Android app.

It could work like Google Photos, but without the need of those files to be present on my mobile hence saving space for new photos to be taken.

Ideally, I could tell this mobile or URL app opened in browser which folders I want to see from either remotely or locally and files within could be browsed/viewed.

Is there an existing way to do that that I missed?


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No, there's no way to view files remotely via Resilio Sync itself. You'll need run your own server on your RPI (for example, http server, ssh server, or samba server) with a good Android file explorer that supports remote file access, Cx File Explorer supports samba, SFTP (ssh) and WebDAV.

Exposing your samba server to the internet is not recommended. I suggest that you set up some VPN access to your RPI from the internet, such Zerotier.


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