Delete after Sync?

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I have done a few searches and can't seem to figure out how to delete the source files after sync.

Is there any way to do this? There's a couple of folders I'd like the files on the device deleted after it's sync'd with the destination.

Basically a "move", not backed up nor copied. 



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What you ask for is sort of one-way backup, not file synchronization. Resilio Sync currently does not offer this feature.

However, if you just want to minimize the storage usage of the source files, you have 2 options, both of them won't delete the source files automatically (i.e., you have to do it manually):

1. Android app's "backup mode": How to Back up data (Android only) – Sync ( You can manually delete source files from the Android device after they are fully synchronized to other systems;

2. Use "Selective Sync", after the source files are fully synchronized, you can manually clear local source files using Resilio Sync app's "Remove from this device". Note "Selective Sync" is a pro feature for Desktop, and a free feature for Android/iOS mobile apps.

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