Losing trust in Sync: reverting to old document versions

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I've been using Sync (desktop app) for a few months. Yesterday, I lost time-consuming work. I write in Word, save to my HD, then save the Word document to my Sync folder on my HD, which then goes to the cloud.


I also save my Word document to a flash drive. Sometimes I do this first, then save from the flash drive to the Sync folder (which then asks me if I want to replace the file there, and I say yes).


When I opened Word yesterday, the file displayed on my screen had reverted to an old version one week earlier, losing my work during the past week (fortunately, I had also backed the document up to a flash drive).


I can’t understand this since Word saves to my HD, and then I manually save that document to my Sync folder. But it happened.


I’ve seen postings online about this kind of problem with another cloud service. Have there been reports of this happening with Sync, and, if so, any solutions?


I may have to uninstall Sync and stop using it if I can’t find a solution.


Thanks for any help!

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