Sync indexing #snapshot files in infinite loop


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I've newly installed Resilio Sync on my Synology NAS, and trying to sync to my windows computer. 

On Synology I shared Standard Folder of "files" a 2TB file share. The idea is to "selectively sync" some of the files to my windows computer. 

The Synology has been "indexing" files for at last several days. Looking at the "history" I see one entry for each file that it successfully indexed. It says:

* Added file #snapshot/GMT-06-2023.
* Added file #snapshot/GMT-06-2023.

Here we see that Resilio is indexing all the files inside the #snapshot folder, which is nothing but a replication of the entire 14TB file system. 

That's also why Resilio is reporting that it has already scanned 43TB of files totaling 783,000 files. That's 20x more than what I have. 

So it seems that Resilio is indexing files in a loop forever. Each snapshot has its own #snapshot folder, inside another #snapshot in a loop for as many snapshot exist. 

So next, I look into the root folder "files" at the .sync folder which contains IgnoreList file which contains this:


So obviously, the special Synology folders like #recycle and #snapshot, are supposed to be excluded, but supidly, Resilio goes on to index it, over and over.

 What's going on here? Anybody provide some insight?

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