Data being copied to read only // one way sync???


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Hey every body, 

I'm new to this and figure I must have something set up wrong but for the life of me can't figure it out.


I have resilio sync installed on two devices : an unraid server and a seedbox.


On the seedbox I added a folder, then copied the code to add it to my unraid server as "read only". When I add that link to my unraid server, I set the directory to a folder on my unraid server I want the data from my seedbox copied to. Even though the code I've added from my seedbox is read only, and shows read only after adding it , it's not only downloading files from the seedbox but it also UPLOADS files from my unraid folder to the seedbox. 


What am I doing wrong and is it not possible to only download files from the seedbox without also uploading existing files??


Thanks all 

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This sounds like you are getting "read only" stuff incorrect. When server hold "read only" share this means server has no permissions to add or modify any files inside, so the share will still be in the same state as on RW node. But RO member can upload files to any other member when needed. If you don't need your RW node to download missing files you probably are missing license.

Well, in case I might be wrong make sure you check folder icon on your RO node: if it's just plain folder then you have RW code, if it has crossed pen icon — it's RO, if it has lock icon on it — that folder is encrypted and can't be decrypted on the node.

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