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I have a Netgear RN104 network storage where all my work folders reside. I've always used NTI Shadow (via PTP) to sync my laptop to the storage when I return to the office and then work via my desktop computer within the LAN. I have just reconfigured the office and am no longer using the desktop in the LAN - all work is now using my laptop. I have never used Resilio and was wandering whether anyone could simply confirm that this is the software for my situation please. NTI is simple but a bit clumsy and I'm looking for a better option.


  • I want to sync the work folder between the network storage and the laptop when working from the office connected to the LAN
  • I will disconnect the laptop to work outside of the office
  • Each time I return to the office, I simply want to be able to reconnect the laptop into the LAN and have the software automatically sync any modified files

Does Resilio (Home version) work as simply as this?



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Your sync scenario is quite simple (sounds like 1 laptop to 1 NAS 1-way sync). Resilio Sync, even the free edition, should work for you, more than enough.

However, you probably should learn more about Resilio Sync before you make your decision:

1. you need to install Resilio Sync app on both your laptop and your NAS, many file sync software, such as FreeFileSync, can sync with NAS (samba/FTP/SFTP server) and you don't have to install any app on your NAS;

2. I am not sure if you are qualified as "home user" when "office" involved, consult Resilio Sync to see if you need business edition;

3. be prepared that you may not get much official support or update from Resilio Sync if you are a Resilio Sync Free user. If you follow this forum, you'll soon see that Resilio Sync staffs barely reply to questions. 

If you want to try Resilio Sync Free, I'd say go ahead install the apps on your laptop and NAS and test them with test files, not your real work files, for several weeks.

Resilio Sync works best with multiple devices. I would choose FreeFileSync if I were in your case. Also remember file synchronization does not replace backup, you should find a backup solution along with sync.

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