3 sync folders. 2 stopped connecting.

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Hello everyone - very strange behavior for weeks now. Little confusing - hope the description is easy to follow. 

• 3 Sync folders, 3 peers. 
say Folder A, B and C. Peer 1, 2, 3. 

• iPhone (peer 3) connects as a peer but only to ONE of the three folders. They used to all connect and sync as expected. The one day 2 folders stopped syncing .

• iPhone shows 3 peers. Folder A and C show connected peers as 2, while Folder B shows 3 peers. Folder B works as expected

Tried deleting and re-adding Folder A - no change. 

Yes, there is and always has been VPM in place. Turning off the VPN, the two folders in question properly connect. 

Kicker - why would one folder connect while others do not when VPN is connected.


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