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something that I would find very useful, so useful that I would be prepared to pay for (now there's true love!).

A sync on my synology work area, that would sync to a buddy's synology server, and of course to my laptop.

I can pretty much rely on at least one of them being online & working at a time, and then if one of them was offline at any time, they can sort it out later when they come back online again.

This could be a very useful protection against fire, burglary etc etc.

A cherry on the cake would be sneaker-sync option...

when I start this approach I probably will have a big set of data to get started with, so rather than wait several weeks incurring the ire of my ISP, I might just plug in a portable drive, and "sneaker sync", then pop it in the post.

When Bill Burglar comes to call, and pinches my NAS box, it will happen the other way around, I will buy a new NAS box, and while I am waiting for the NAS to arrive, mail the portable drive to my buddy, who will then post it back to me with the data.

I wonder how many other people might find this handy.


...I suspect if I get clever there are some apps that might do this for me now, but make and it simple and reliable, and I will be grateful.

... my laptop is no use for Sneaker-sync, as I have gone over to SSD, so I can't move several TB at a time!

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This would be an AWESOME way to keep your data backed up.... it would be sweet if it did versioning. I like that bittorrent uses checksums, which should guarantee perfect backups. I imagine you could also keep a notbook and desktop in sync.

OP I can see sneaker net being a good way to initially seed things.

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