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---On All Platforms

-Command line arguments ( ex. add-remove a share via command line )

-Turn On Off shares without need to delete

-Users-PCs , Groups , Permissions. ( ex.

group 1 have read write to PCs witch are members of group 1

group 2 everyone can read , but only from group 3 can write

group 3 everyone can read , nobody can write )

-Add manual peers (via ip-host)

-Add shares by adding some file to the App ( like xml will do the job ) with multiple share inside

-Remote administration of the Apps with my shares ( if i have 5 PC with 10 share and i wanna delete 4 shares from all without the need to go on its App and do that )

---On Linux

-Authentication for the Web UI

-Option to change default port ( 8888 )

---On Windows

-Option to hide taskbar icon

-Remote control

Sorry for my English

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Yes and No.

I will use this for personal usage ( i have 2 dedicated servers , 1 home server , and many PCs with Linux , Windows and OSX )

And i am trying to figure if there is a way to use it the company i work as Linux System Administrator.

At this time for sync we are using rSync. In the past we have develop a way to sync with rTorrent but server's run out of memory because we have to many torrent enabled at the same time ( and we add remove torrent dynamic )

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