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  1. yes. but feel free to send me a link to a useless faq that doesn't address my problem with a version of a product that you have no experience with.
  2. i'm done with 2.0, thanks. where can i find the installer for 1.4 ? ----- answering my own question, just in case anyone else wants out of this 2.0 debacle. you need to uninstall (including removing settings), and download/install 1.4 from here: http://syncapp.bittorrent.com/1.4.110/
  3. something's wrong with the read/write permissions in the share dialog. here's me hovering over the bin folder: note that it says 'Read & Write' and here's the share dialog for that same folder: why does it say "You don't have Read & Write access to this folder" ?
  4. this isn't so much a request for help. it's more a statement that the upgrade experience is attrociously broken, the messaging is ambiguous at best. really, this isn't a great way to advertise a product you want us to pay for.
  5. so, i just got prompted to upgrade to 2.0 (from 1.x), and now it's asking me to "link devices". what am i supposed to do here? I don't want to link any devices - i just want it to do exactly what it was doing before i upgraded. my choices are these: 1) link a device already running sync 2.0. i don't have any other devices running sync 2.0, so this is out. 2) this is my first sync 2.0 device. this is asking me to create an identity. but i already have an identity, whatever i was using to sync my pre-2.0 devices. why is it asking me this? 3) uninstall what the actual f? why can't it just cleanly upgrade from 1.x?
  6. 1) why do i have to scroll the window horizontally in order to be able to access the '...' menu? 2) why isn't that available as a right-click menu? am i the only non-mac user here? 3) why can't i make that window smaller?
  7. - make the list act like a regular list box: - keyboard navigation (up/down/tab, etc...) - single-click to select row (currently click does nothing but both the mouse cursor and hover highlight suggest otherwise) - right-click menu - column sorting - why the huge minimum size?
  8. the "setup" tab windows 8.1 task manager shows that BitTorrent Sync has a "High Startup Impact" with 34,000ms CPU and 129.1MB I/O. is this normal? it seems a little high to me. all the other startup items have a CPU usage of a few hunded milliseconds.
  9. if there's a queue of pending invites, then why the need for a 'PM me' message?