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  1. Yeah, I get this too, syncing from a debian box to a Mac results in a very similar pattern. Version: 1.2.82 (Mac10.9/Linux64)
  2. I've noticed that the Syncapp versions are being periodically updated, often and there isn't much notification that they are and what changes are happening in between versions. For several reasons, it would be fantastic to have a change log on the forum: The community can keep up to date with your bug fixes and implementations since updating in app isn't working (afaik) We can test new features and bug fixes and more easily report them on this forum We can give you encouragement on the forum as you do update your app quite often and its always nice to be thanked. Keeps us engaged with your app and eagerly watching the app come to fruition. Cos let's admit it, we're kinda fanboys of the app. I realise its extra work, and notes are usually put on the back burner as your devs are working the code and engineering problems but while not reiterating on the points, I think keeping the community notified would benefit both your company as well as the community.