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  1. Thanks for following up on this thread. While I am not interested in alpha testing, I look forward to the release of version 1.4.
  2. It's not as bad as syncing larger files. It is between 2 computers.
  3. Sorry this took so long to post. Here is a graph of a few hundred 1.5MB files being synced between two peers:
  4. The fast/slow pattern happens to me when syncing only two computers. I have tried setting up a Virtual Private Server through DigitalOcean and the problem still happens, so I doubt it's an ISP issue for me, too.
  5. It looks like I was wrong about the version number that I had. I am actually using version 1.2.82. I have not had a chance to sync files that are 1.2MB yet. I will post a graph of this when I have a chance.
  6. Sure thing, I'm glad to help! BTSync was installed on both computers from the tuxpoldo/btsync PPA. The two computers are as follows: Server 1: - Ubuntu 12.04 - 2GB RAM - 200GB Hard Drive - Virtual Private Server - Intel® Xeon® CPU X3440 @ 2.53GHz, 4 cores - 1 Gigabit up/down connection to internet - BTSync - Static IP address Server 2: - Linux Mint 13 MATE - 2GB RAM - 250GB Hard Drive - Dedicated Server - Intel® Atom CPU N550 @ 1.50GHz, 4 cores - 40Mbps down/20Mbps up DSL residential internet connection - BTSync - Dynamic public IP address - Server is behind a NAT (with
  7. Below is a bandwidth graph of a sync over my LAN (with the lan_use_tcp enabled): Here is another sync over the WAN: Just to compare, here is a file copied via SCP (over the WAN) between the same two computers as above:
  8. For the graph that I posted, the entire window represents 10 minutes. So, each vertical line would be about 2 minutes. I do not have a graph for the bandwidth usage pattern during a LAN sync. I will post one later today.
  9. My setup is as follows: Server 1: Ubuntu 12.04 server on a symmetric Gigabit connection (I usually get about 500Mbps up/down). BTSync running Static IP address Server 2: Linux Mint on a DSL 40Mbps down/20Mbps up connection BTSync running Dynamic public IP address behind a NAT with a static private IP address BTSync has been assigned a specific port. Port forwarding rules have been set in the router for the specified port to the private IP address. I sync one folder between the two computers. When I add files to server 1, the files start downloading on server 2 (as expected). However, th