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  1. This is an excellent idea. You could use these callbacks to trigger filesystem level snapshots (VSS on Win32, zfs snapshot, xfs_freeze + lvcreate -s etc) which would also mean that btsync wouldn't have to worry about keeping deleted/change items anywhere, giving version control...
  2. In many cases just the command line should suffice. Running the btsync executable when there's already a process in action could trigger commands over IPC (named pipe probably being the easiest) e.g. btsync --list [*glob*] List all (or matched by glob) synced directories, their status (including last sync date) and their secrets Additional options: --files Also list files --peers Also list peers --ignore List ignored files --script Output tuned for scripting (csv? tsv?)btsync --add <directory> [--secret <secret>] [--pause] Add a directory. If a secret is specified use it, otherwise generate a random one and print. Optionally start paused to allow checking the list of files to ignore.btsync --delete <secret | dir> Stop syncing a specificbtsync --trash <secret| dir> Stop syncing, destroy databtsync --pause btsync --resume btsync --ignore <dir | secret> --files <*glob*> btsync --ignore <dir | secret> --list btsync --unignore <dir | secret> --files <*glob*> Probably enough to be getting on with. My use case is transferring genetic sequence data to our analysis cluster without having to give outside individuals logins. BT Sync can already do this, but a nice set of CLI options would allow me to put a somewhat friendlier UI on top for my users.
  3. Many thanks! We'll see how it performs.
  4. A "me too" here. I did try it under FreeBSD's linux compatibility mode, but unfortunately epoll isn't implimented yet: $ ./btsync --nodaemon epoll creation failed - terminating: Function not implemented FreeBSD uses kqueue, as does MacOSX. If btsync uses kqueue on MacOSX some kind of hybrid between the linux version and the FreeBSD version might work. As a last resort there is a pre-beta patch to the FreeBSD linux compatibility layer enabling epoll, but I'm not brave enough to try it.