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  1. This is an excellent idea. You could use these callbacks to trigger filesystem level snapshots (VSS on Win32, zfs snapshot, xfs_freeze + lvcreate -s etc) which would also mean that btsync wouldn't have to worry about keeping deleted/change items anywhere, giving version control...
  2. In many cases just the command line should suffice. Running the btsync executable when there's already a process in action could trigger commands over IPC (named pipe probably being the easiest) e.g. btsync --list [*glob*] List all (or matched by glob) synced directories, their status (including last sync date) and their secrets Additional options: --files Also list files --peers Also list peers --ignore List ignored files --script Output tuned for scripting (csv? tsv?)btsync --add <directory> [--secret <secret>] [--pause] Add a directory. If a secret is specified use it, otherwi
  3. Many thanks! We'll see how it performs.
  4. A "me too" here. I did try it under FreeBSD's linux compatibility mode, but unfortunately epoll isn't implimented yet: $ ./btsync --nodaemon epoll creation failed - terminating: Function not implemented FreeBSD uses kqueue, as does MacOSX. If btsync uses kqueue on MacOSX some kind of hybrid between the linux version and the FreeBSD version might work. As a last resort there is a pre-beta patch to the FreeBSD linux compatibility layer enabling epoll, but I'm not brave enough to try it.