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  1. One price for every user. Do you even thought about that this makes no sense for Bittorrent Sync? In your opinion a small creative team with 3 people who wants to share some files is the same like a mid-sized company with 50 users who want to share files. Every other software or service offer different usage tiers or different software versions for different usages. Do you think they make this just for fun?
  2. Exactly what I think. I do not trust Bittorrent anymore. I'll take a look at alternatives like Syncthing. You want to loose happy users? Because this is how you loose happy users!
  3. I use Sync since the closed Beta and I was always happy with the app. But what now happened is just a shitty move by the developers. We've discussed the folder limit and epounds answered that this is enough for most users. I don't agree with this as I also have way more than 10 so I would have to get a license. I could live with that if it was a normal license you buy once and use forever - but it is a subscription. My big question would be: why the hell do I need to buy a subscription? For what? Which ongoing costs do you have that I should renew the license every year? Do you choose a subscription because you would present us Bittorrent Sync 3 in one year where we would have to upgrade again for 40 bucks?