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  1. Didn't hear about proxy support for a long time. Are there any news about it or estimations?
  2. Great work! I have posted similar idea some time ago (http://forum.bittorr...ased-web-sites/). You can make Vole more user friendly by adding users possibility to write comments. The idea how to implement this is following. User that would like to add comments should create his own BtSync folder and send R/O key to the owner of the site (via email or in other way). Owner should add this key and desired user nickname into the special file that keeps list of users in the root folder (BtSync folder). After that server should parse this file, add new BtSync folder and build site pages using user data (user answers) from this folder. Some other ideas you can find in my post.
  3. As I mentioned in the first post dynamic content could be hosted at real site and injected in btsync based site pages. It will be a mix of static content hosted on the btsync website and dynamic content injected from real website.
  4. It is possible now to create distributed static web sites using btsync. Just create your site structure in local folder, add it to btsync and publish RO key. Other people could add your folder to btsync and open your site locally. Also author can update or change his/her site so other users will see those changes (pseudo dynamic site). Even more such sites could contain dynamic elements. For example, distributed livejournal site with author's content placed in btsync and comments at real web site. Same way forum functionality could be added to the site, etc. Other ideas: btsync: URI support could be added to the btsync application so it would be possible to use links to btsync based web sites directly in web browsers (as it was done for i2p: and bitcoin: URIs). Distributed btsync based DNS system. In a simple case it's just a btsync folder with DNS.txt file that contains list of records in following form: S my-cool-site RWC4YD3S723QRVHHHIZWJXPTQMO6GKEQK some description D RWC4YD3S723QRVHHHIZWJXPTQMO6GKEQK # address (btsync RO key) of another DNS source (DNS tree leaf) btsync application could keep user list of such DNS sites (btsync RO keys) so when I put btsync://my-cool-site/index.html link in a browser it shows me proper btsync based site. In case if there are several sites with the same name btsync should show html page with those links and their descriptions so user can choose one. Of course such sites will be slower than real sites and will have other problems but such approach has several advantage: You don't need real server. You should not register IP address and host name and you should not care about host name registration expiration. The Pirate Bay site could be hosted such a way . ...