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  1. Same issue, upload from Win7 x86 (2.6.2 1330) to ReadyNAS RN102 (Marvell Armada 370; 2.6.2 1330) failed but other direction works fine
  2. Hi, Could you give some help what setting files should be moved manually? (I have ssh connection to NAS and some bash skills) Thanks
  3. We do not like hate the 10 folder limit. I have just started testing alternative apps. What is the problem with the following sentence? "Putting your fingers in your ears and humming really loud"
  4. I have 25 folders... "we won't remove features" That's not correct. I do not really like the user-concept of 2.0. I am looking for alternatives.
  5. 1.4.77 on ReadyNAS is very slow and buggy. Most of the time all folders are displayed as ouf of sync. When do you plan to release a newer version for Netgear?
  6. I wish I could downgrade my ReadyNAS to 1.3 (please release a stable version, 1.4.77 is buggy) I have some desktops left on 1.3.109 because of portable mode and XP support.
  7. Could you please update the netgear version? IS there a work-around to update annually? I am on 1.4.77 and all folders are out of sync, I am unable to delete folders on the web panel, sometimes this starts to sync for a while, it takes 2 mins to load the page also
  8. This does not work! I have just created a backup on my old phone. Removed the sd card and mounted in the new phone. Restored settings but it does not work! I think the path of sdcard is different so it is not possible to move setting to a new phone.
  9. Is it possible to change the secret for the camera backup function to non random?
  10. I am not allowed to see the full code on the android device... can not select, it is grayed out (on clients i can only see the read-only code) rooted - carbon backup-restore did not work
  11. Hi, I have set up backup sync of DCIM folder on my android phone. I used that read-only code and now it is synced between 4 nas/pc devices. Yesterday I had to reset my phone so I lost my settings. I have only the read-only code. Is it possible to get the full code somehow? Otherwise how could I avoid this problem in the furure when i replace my phone? Is there a way to backup the full code? (I tried carbon backup but does not work) Thanks Gabor
  12. I killed the btsync process but can not delete folders. I browse the NAS shares with Win XP. Looks like folders are created with bad access rights.
  13. OK I am about to test it first and will be back.
  14. Hi, I have tested with several synced folders. Files in the syncfolder can be deleted but when I try to delete the created sub-folders and its contents I get access denied message. (It is a Zyxel 310 nas) Do others have the same issue? What the cause of this issue? Thanks G