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  1. Same issue, upload from Win7 x86 (2.6.2 1330) to ReadyNAS RN102 (Marvell Armada 370; 2.6.2 1330) failed but other direction works fine
  2. Hi, I could install on Zyxel NSA310 (search the topic, it is documented) but on reboot I loose all my folders, what file should be writeable to save settings? Thanks Gabor
  3. You need to setup folders on one of your devices. Create a folder on your pc than add this also on the NAS, sync will start.
  4. Hi, I could install on Zyxel NSA310. I prefer the webgui, but on reboot I lose all folders from webgui. Any ideas? Thanks Gabor
  5. Hi, I could install on Zyxel NSA310 on hdd and shows synced and correct dir size but files are not in sync and I am unable to browse hdd volume when try o add folder in btsync gui UPDATE: works fine Zyxel NSA-310 Could someone please help? Thanks gabor
  6. Glad to hear that I will be able to test on my Raspberry Pi. Looks like it is the cheapest NAS like option.