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  1. Ah, cool. Although I think having a single file that follows git's syntax is more powerful than having two separate files. If you have two files (SyncIgnore and SyncInclude) you have to hard-code a precedence as one entire file must be processed before the other. That's why git does it all in one file.
  2. Hi team, On a device with the read-only key of a folder, I'd like to add a .SyncIgnore that will ignore all files *except* ones that I specifically whitelist. For example: // Ignore everything: * // Except the following folders: !data !files This would allow each read-only client to specify the files that they want to receive. Each client should be able to control independently which files they want to ignore and which they want to receive. This is similar to how git works, see the man page for .gitignore ( Thanks for all your hard work.
  3. * A way to exclude certain files from being downloaded. Let's say you have a read-only key to a folder, which you want to keep up to date, but you want to exclude several large files from being saved. You can't delete them on the source, so perhaps just placing a zero-size file or having an ignore list that prevents them from downloading?
  4. Hi team, thanks for the hard work. As some of the other commenters have mentioned, we'd love to be able to manage the adding/removing of folders and the aspects of key generation that go along with it, particularly returning both the read-only and read/write key for a folder. One thing I think others haven't mentioned is that we'd like to switch off 'File downloaded' notifications for folders we create, and the user might not want notifications off for all their folders, so the ability to do this on a per-folder basis would be good.