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  1. I'm having similiar issues on a WD MyBook World NAS, I described it in more detail in this thread: Finding a solution would thus add two NAS devices to the supported list.
  2. Well, clearly my poor choice of ports isn't the case as changing them didn't help. In the meantime I tried running Sync on a Synology 110j and it works great. Is there anything else I can try?
  3. Now I tried running it with the --nodaemon flag and it still crashes, but I got a new message: ./btsync: relocation error: ./btsync: symbol __res_iclose, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference So I guess there is something wrong with the system I'm trying to run on and I shouldn't be bothering you guys
  4. Thank you for your suggetsions, I tried changing the listening port but btsync stil crashes when i try to open the webui. To be more specific: I put the address in my browser and it does kind of work on the first try: it either sais "invalid request" or displays the interface partially (as I said earlier). Then, when I try to load the page again, btsync crashes. This is what I found in the log: [20130327 21:49:06] NAT-PMP: Unable to map port with NAT-PMP. [20130327 21:49:19] HTTP: IP GET /gui/ [20130327 21:49:24] HTTP: IP GET /gui/ [20130327 21:49:24] HTTP: IP 19
  5. Hi. Today I tried running btsync on said NAS and well... it doesn't work. uname -a sais: Linux MyBookWorld #1 Thu Apr 1 16:43:58 CST 2010 armv5tejl unknown I downloaded and extracted the binary, granted it the correct permissions and it runs good until I try to open the webui. It loads incompletly (fails to load all the images and css and js files) and then btsync crashes. I enabled debugging but the only thing that appears in the log is this: [20130327 19:35:19] NAT-PMP: Unable to map port with NAT-PMP. That's weird, because I forwarded the port to the device myself and disable