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  1. this is what happens to mine (running arch linux arm), but there's nothing transferred at all. the files/folders get created, but they're all 0 bytes and nothing happens. i looked at the logs and it says error -1, but i have no idea what that means.
  2. i have a similar problem. i emailed my logs to kos (bt dev), so we'll see if that helps. maybe you guys should do that so they have more than one data set to work with.
  3. i just tried it. it launches and i can open the gui and add folders just fine, but when it starts syncing, the download speed drops very quickly and then stops. after a couple of minutes it seems to crash and the web gui is no longer accessible. i run btsync again and i get this message: [user@pogo ~]# ./btsync Successfully sent minidump file 5c6a0216-09b5-0020-45c3fafe-062f098f.dmp was able to reproduce it several times. not sure what the problem is, but the web gui starts up again regardless. still doesnt sync though tried it on a linux mint laptop and worked fine.