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  1. I have big files and a very slow internet connection. So I try to share files. Bittorrent sync starts to sync. But after a week they have made no progress. I know the connection will lose from time to time. I think bittorrent sync start, after a connection lost, always from the beginning. What I do wrong? I am using 1.4.93. thanks
  2. Ok. Thank you for your fast response. I use the package manager from linux, but on it there is no new version. Do you know when the package manager will be update?
  3. Hello I have bittorrent sync with the package manager on my raspberry pi installed. I would like to set the option limit sending rate to [kB/s] 10. I can set it, but when I open the options again to check my changes, they are lost. The following things I have tried. 1. apt-get update -> no changes (current Version is 1.4.83) 2. the service is running with the debconf-default.conf. Enhanced the right on the file chmod 666. The file is stored /etc/btsync/debconf-default.conf 3. With dpkg-reconfigure: I have not found the option to set it on. What do I wrong? Thanks. jack
  4. To enhance the security, I would like to have synchronisation only on lan and not over the internet. Can I configure my bittorrent sync in a way that they only sync, if there are in the same lan? Thanks for help