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  1. @Lightning Yes, agree. My project is a 3rd party site. But all data is encrypted 'n save. But you're right. I'll mention it on the website.
  2. Missunderstanding: You don't share the secrets via facebook. You only store them on - and only to your friends.
  3. I wanted to sync files with friends. First I used mail to send them my secrets. Than I thought about using Facebook to give more friends access to my files. This ended in a long weekend of programming, and here is the result: It's kind of early alpha. But if somebody want to try it....
  4. Absolute need for a conflict resolution. I don't like that only one (the most recent) version of a file (i.e., changes on more than one device) is saved. For example *ähem* Dropbox has a very good "conflicted copy" feature.