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  1. I should add that I am aware other utilities could do what I'm asking (scheduled sync over lan), but I like the idea of btsync in terms of easy p2p shares over an internet connection.
  2. Cheers for the suggestion, but the problem I have is the files in question are only considered temp in hindsight, eg: maybe a bad render that gets re-done a few times. Cases where I'm hoping the result is not temp, but say I notice a problem and have to re-do it, in hindsight that first render now becomes an unnecessary temp file (but a very very large one). Also some apps I use automatically generate backup versions of files, which can be quite large. I need these files to sync, so can't exclude them, but I'd be happy with it happening once a day rather than when I'm working. Disk IO performance is a huge thing for my uses, I can't have a utility crawling the drive when I'm trying to read off it at maximum speed etc. My short term solution is to just pause btsync and then enable it when I'm done - not really the best solution but kinda works for now.
  3. Yo, first post, love the app! I was going to request a scheduler, then realised it's been requested alot already and that it's on the to-do list etc. Scheduling for me is critical, for video editing type work you generate alot of massive temp data files that may be deleted an hour later, and syncing it *continuously* is a huge drain on hard drive and network. Per-folder scheduling would save this problem. Just curious if there is any idea when that will make it into a new build? cheers