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  1. This! I'm pretty new to Android, so maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I haven't even added a folder yet and I can't figure out a way to get rid of the tray icon. Is this thing running in the background constantly?
  2. Actually, on second look, there are *not* existing copies of these files. These are files that were once .mp3s but are now filename.mp3.!sync. Are these files corrupted? Were they deleted (I thought deleted files went to .!SyncTrash)? Can these files be recovered?
  3. Hello BTSync, I just noticed that in my shared music folder I have around 250 copies of certain songs with the .!sync file extension. I couldn't find anything searching on the forum or FAQ, but I recall something about these being copies BTSync makes of contested files. Is this true? What are the conditions for the creation of .!sync copies of files? I believe that every time a song is played in our DJing software, the song file's metadata is updated. How does BTSync handle changes like this? Should I keep these .!sync files, or trash em? Thanks for the help.
  4. I recently made the switch to BTSync for a music folder I share with some friends. I think BTSync could be a good replacement for a lot of Dropbox users who don't really need all of its features -- but to be honest I still don't understand all of BTSync's features. So what can BTSync do that Dropbox can't? And what can Dropbox do that BTSync can't?
  5. Just signed up to test the Android client. I've got music I'd like to sync from my computer!
  6. I'd been hitting the storage limit on my dropbox so I looked in to setting up my own cloud storage. I share a music folder with ~8 people for DJing, with music files whose metadata is constantly being updated. I looked into ownCloud and it seemed up to snuff. Purchased a domain and shared hosting from dreamhost -- setup was simple enough. But damn, the Windows client was buggy and borderline unusable. The only way to tell if you were uploading was from the taskbar icon changing color. There was no way to see what files you were uploading, how much data you were using, etc. I looked on github and this issue has been open for 6 months... So I gave BTSync and try and holy shit it's exactly what we need. I'm looking forward to more of the fubctionalities dropbox has, but this program seems to be pretty stable for the ~1200 files we have. I'm not too technically inclined, so I don't know if this is already possible or just imfeasible, but it'd be cool I'd you could add a server (shared hosting) and there was a web gui to access your files from anywhere, share links to files, versioning, etc. BTsync is the dropbox killer app... Inherently free and scalable. Good work!