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  1. "Yes. But first take a decision if the server package is really the right thing for you. If you say yes, I will explain here how you may migrate your system." I have taken the same decision (to move to the server package), and am facing the same challenge. I had a version that I handled independently, but I much prefer the more formal approach you've taken with your packages. If you have a best method of moving the folders, secrets etc from the old installation to a new installation I would also find it immensely useful. Thanks
  2. Great, thanks. How are you meant to find the links to the new builds? I'm happy to manually update, just no idea where to find the update.
  3. I got an email invitation to the android alpha, and have installed and tested it, v1.0.14. I can see others now testing versions up to 1.1.7. What's the update mechanism to get the new versions, cos I seem to have missed it?
  4. Generally positive, some really slick design around QR codes that worked really well. Bug: I tried camera backup, worked great to start with. But then it didn't back another photo up Deloitte having auto backup enabled, then that just became a normal folder sync and the camera backup seemed to reset. Other thoughts: I echo what others have said about being able to control file by file or folder by folder, and also control whether mobile data is used by share rather than overall. Great to see the alpha though.