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  1. I'm trying to re-backup my iPhone using BitTorrent Sync. Installed is 1.3.41 on 7.0.6 (iPhone 5). Yes, it is jailbroken. Running 1.3.106 on Windows 8.1 pro x64. The upload speed from the phone will jump up to 4 - 5 MB upon starting the app. However after about 2 min the upload speed falls to 2 kB/s and stays there. Need to back up about 7.5 GB of Photos/Vids. Any idea why it is slow now?
  2. Just got the app for iOS, and I love the sync for camera roll! I understand that is about all you can do with the app as Apple doesn't allow much else. I would like to see back ground syncing though so I can exit the app and do other things. If you are worried about battery life, only enable background sync when plugged in, like how iCloud works.