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  1. I do hope that there will be support for magnet links in the future.
  2. Some sort of magnet url support to add a read-only folder would be lovely.
  3. I have one server that has all my Dropbox, Copy, Skydrive, GDrive accounts synced to it, I just created a sync folder for each one of them and now I can be in sync with all services only having btsync running. I also have a folder for everything else, mostly .nef / RAW files from my camera.
  4. Some folders don't completely index, and begin downloading the non-indexed files even when those files already exist on the system. btsync 1.1.27
  5. Indexing should add file location and file size total to database rather than processing every file requiring an enormous amount of I/O bandwidth causing a sluggish indexing process. Also, do not start indexing other folders until the current folder is completely indexed. As I have noticed in 1.1.27 that when reindexing, the folder would not completely index, and move on to others, then start downloading files from other systems to retrieve the non-indexed files, although the files already exist on the current system and does not need to be re-downloaded.