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  1. You can have more than one http servers in your box, and 80 is the default port number for the service. http://yourdomain/ == http://yourdomain:80/ If you have the second http server, then you need to use different port number, say 8888, to distinguash it from the first one. BTSync has a http server in itself, and it uses port 8888. This is nothing to do with the external accessibility. So what you have to do is to close port 8888 at your router / firewall.
  2. Thank you for providing us BitTorrent Sync. This is such a great app. Is there any way to help you guys to translate the app into Japanese language? And anyone who want to translate this great app into your language out there?
  3. Using BTSync 1.1.48 on Windows7(64), BTSync.exe consumes a lot of memory. At the beginning, it uses around 35M, but after 3 hours it jumps like 300M. So, I run BTSync with the WindowsXP SP3 compatible mode on the same Windows7, and this time it uses only 35M and stable. Any idea?
  4. Even if MX request header of UPnP is set to some number, BT Sync on Mac OS X always responds to it immediately. Any idea?