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  1. Thanks for the suggestion r.e. firewall and a/v. I'm using Avast as my antivirus, not sure if there are any historical issues with it in the past? I'll try these out when I get back from work. I rolled my PC back to before the version change, however it was still very slow, i guess it rules out any Windows updates...
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply, it's version 1.1.42. Both machines have separate home cable, mine is 60meg and the other is on 30meg. No changes have occurred on either machine, other than the change in Syn version...
  3. I've already created a ticket, but thought it was worth posting here. Since the recent update last week, upload speeds on files has been incredibly slow, less than 2-3k in some cases. All files are over 200MB, it doesn't matter how many are being Sync'd it never gets past a painful trickle. I'm sending to a Windows 7 PC from my Windows 8 PC, previously I'd get 250-300k solidly. I've rebooted both machines, uninstalled sync, changed the sync folder after removing the link. I'm completely stuck as to what to do as it's next to useless at these speeds. Oddly, and I'm not sure if it's related, but I tried using Google Drive as a short term replacement, but this keeps disconnecting, and reconnecting too. Bear in mind I've tried this on two Windows 8 machines, a desktop and laptop. It's baffling why these two different applications are behaving similarly on different machines!!