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  1. Hi, Btsync 1.1.70 installed on W7 (1.1.69, source to be duplicated), linux64 (read-sync only), ARM (read-sync only). Some files/filder seems to be synced (most files are correctly duplicated), but the windows client still say the is some unsynced files (see ). I tried to stop every btsync instance, remove avec btsync related files (*.!sync for example), and restart, without success. I will try the following, please telle me if there is a better way to achieve my goal : Remove btsync completly (included db files and for W7, removing the C:\Users\pf\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync dir Restart the W7 instance, let the indexing be done, the restart the x64 and arm instance. Any other option ? My main backup is on an internet server and full duplication take about 3 weeks - and I really don't wont to restart the syncing of all files Other remarqs : It's a shame that the "History" window isn't more verbose It tells that a device is synced but don't say wich one (I have about 10 devices on 3 computers), and it does not tell why a device is stuck on unsynced files. The "Tranfers" window should say wich transfers failed, also.... Is there a "config.json" file somewhere on the W7 version ? Because it's the third time I reinstall Btsync and I have to replicate the config manually each time (and it's boring oc) I could provide the log files also, but there is TONS of informations there - is there a way to define an intermediate level of verbosity ? Thanks !!
  2. Same problem here, with a file... that hasn't change for many day. BTW the file is 700 Mb large.
  3. Simple and usefull interfaces addons (windows version) : - in history, diplay the folder with every change - in history, display the device with every change - in every tab (folder, device, transfert, etc.), allow all columns to be sorted (i.e. sort the device by folder name, etc.) Thanks for btsync !
  4. Same here. It's a bug. I tried with a "fresh" install to be sure - no change. (using 1.1.48 on ARM and windows)