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  1. Same Issue: I have two folder whith the same content in two different windows 7 pc. When I try to sync (2.0.120 free version) the warning message "target folfer is not empty..." is prompted again and again when I click on OK. Is not possible to sync the two folders.
  2. Nobody can help me understand why it happens and how to restore the sync?
  3. I have installed Bittorent Sync 1.1.82 in 2 Windows 7 x64 connected over internet. After initial sync everything seemed ok. After a few days, I overwrite a file (same name but different time). Bittorrent sync detected the change but did not transfer data. I thought that the file could be locked for some reason and I restarted both PC, with no results. In log file I found every second a message like this: "LoadTorrent: requesting to load file P1020588.jpg which is modified on disk (cur:1375375102 stored:1374854399) - rejecting until file info is updated" Have you any suggestion Thanks for your help
  4. Hello, thanks for your work! I'm trying to use Bittorrent Sync to sync my collection of picture on different PC Windows based. When I update metadata on one PC the file is not synced on other computers. I checked that when I change metadata (jpeg picture), name and timestamp remain the same but changes the size of the file and obviously some byte of the content. Same thappens with MP3 files if you change ID3 tag because some programs do not change timestamp Can you suggest me a solution for my problem?