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  1. Only for exactly 75 seconds, the consistently measured time from power on to successful ping of I got this WNDR3700v2 as a gift. At the time, it was the most powerful, most expensive router that the store had available. But all we ever did with it was 100mbit home networking. About 95% of its available power was never ever getting used. Why buy another NAS, when I've got all that available processing power already, and with one ethernet/wifi-link removed compared to using a NAS through a router? I have experienced crashes on the router because of running Transmission, and they do suck, but they only last 75 seconds. And it's usually because of a fault with the USB HDD, forcing the router to put all that downloaded data into its itty bitty 64mB of RAM, and then it runs out of RAM, and crashes.
  2. not on mah 680mhz WNDR3700v2, ze transfer speeds, zey are nice
  3. Hey, I just installed DD-WRT on my router, thinking that I could run BTSync on it. Unfortunately, my router's CPU isn't supported: Linux DD-WRT #293 Wed Jul 24 09:38:32 CEST 2013 mips GNU/Linux So count me as another check mark in the "demand" column of your demand/supply cost analysis of adding MIPS support!
  4. Hey, I'm currently using BTSync to automatically copy the files from my little torrent-client-only Linux PC to my desktop Windows PC. I'd like to have the torrent-client-pc to automatically copy the files to my network drive, but my network drive is a generic USB harddrive attached to a WNDR3700v2 router, accessible through the samba-protocol, and I don't think there's any way to actually install a BTSync client on the router. I don't suppose BTSync has a samba-protocol file uploader as well? Because I don't know how else to automatically upload files using Linux, and BTSync was so easy to configure and set up. But if BTSync can't do it, perhaps you helpful forum members could point me in the right direction of how-to set up an automatic smb:// file uploader on Linux? Thanks for any help!
  5. Yup, already had that disabled, but what I didn't try doing was restarting the sync server on the Linux machine (duh, of course! sometimes the simplest things break everything and make me feel like an idiot) Now after I restarted it, I'm getting download speeds of 5mB/s, exactly what I should be getting! Yaaaay! Thank you for your help and time! You guys might want to add one of those "Some settings may require a restart to be applied" warning messages or something for the final version, though.
  6. At first, I used the default settings, whatever they were. I then tried unchecking everything but "Search LAN" and "Delete files to sync trash", but that didn't seem to make a difference. I think the default settings also checked "Use relay server when required" and "use tracker server" and "search DHT network".
  7. I also just now tried turning off "lan_encrypt_data" and "disk_low_priority", but no difference. I am monitoring the speed using BTSync's built in transfer speed monitor, as well as the Windows Performance Monitor, and it is so slow it's sad. It appears to be reaching the hard limit of my DSL connection's speed, but why wouldn't it just transfer the files straight across the LAN?
  8. Okay, it lists my computer's device name, with a black-and-white icon of two arrows pointing left and right. Not sure if that means its a direct LAN connection or if it is going through the WAN.
  9. I wanted to use BTSync to copy 40GB of files from my laptop to my PC, and I was hoping it would at least be a little faster than just using the Windows Samba file sharing protocol. But it is copying at 500kB/s, which is my WAN/Internet download speed. Is BTSync going through the WAN? I thought it was set up to automatically use LAN peers first? Because if I use the Samba protocol, I can copy files using the Wifi network at about 5mB/s. But using BTSync, I get 10% of that. What is going on here?