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  1. I am using bittorrent sync for back-up from android phone to computer. So, First I designated the folder(A) to back-up on android. and back-up was well done. at this point, I have question. in order to recognize changes of files in folder(A) on android at Bittorrent sync application, it takes so much time, about 7-8minutes. So eventually back-up will start after 7-8minutes since back-up folder(A) has changed. plz let me know how to shorten the time to recognize??... if you do not understand my english, plz let me know as well.!! Thank you
  2. I tested with 3 devices bittorrent sync. and I found out that the bigger file has faster transmission speed than small size of files. does someone has some idea about the reason??..let me know!!
  3. Thank you for replying me. Actually AP means wireless access point as you said. I installed Bittorrent sync on Windows7 not Linux. And USB also play a role as AP!! So in total, I prepared 3 wireless AP(included USB) and let each AP connect to computer that Bittorrent sync is installed. In short, AP----PC , AP(role as wireless bridge)---PC, USB---PC. 3 computers(PC) sync files with Bittorrent Sycn in WLAN. can you understand what I am saying??. If you can, I want to ask you more about my testing... Thank you.
  4. I have tested Bittorrent sync in IEEE802.11ac wireless netework. I prepraed 2 AP and 1 usb. One of AP and usb connect to another AP that sets as Network-Bridge, thereby organize a small LAN with 3 devices. until here, can you understand?.. and I performed 2 kinds of testing. that's sync with 2 of them(2 AP and 1 usb) like between 1 AP and usb or AP and AP... and with all(2 AP and 1 usb) But the speed of syncing with 2 of them is faster than with all. Becuase Bittorrent sync is using p2p protocol so I predict syncing with the more device is faster... What can I think the reason ??.. If you can not understand my english, just reply me...I will try to understand you.!! Thanks for reading.
  5. Thank you for replying my question always. Can I ask you one more? after find other peers with same file within LAN, what is the protocol to sync file?? I know that bittorrent sync's protocol is not same as bittorrent... So I don't think that peer selection algorithm is need for bittorrent sync... But I think that piece selection algorithm for bittorrent sync...what do you think??... wanna know about protocol for bittorrent sync....It is not released....??
  6. hello. I have read already some documents about bittorrent protocol, So I understand how to peer find other peers who has same file. But with Bittorrent Sync, just within Lan without DHT, Tracker Server, How to peer know what other peers exists who has same secret key and connected each other?? I am not good at english, so if you dont understand what I am saying. just comment me.
  7. Thank you for answering Marko. I did meant to complain about that...just haven't been released by can't be helped... But No plan to release about protocol or algorithm in the future? and also can't see how much different from Bittorrent protocol?..
  8. I am wondering BitTorrent Sync's protocol is same as BitTorrent !! I have read information about peer discovery or p2p protocol on What I want to know is what kind of protocol is used for BitTorrent sync when Syncing(or Transferring) the file. Sync also using choking or piece select algorithm just like a Bittorrent(read on ? can somebody let me know about that, or just please link to some page about protocol... I will use Bittorrent Sync on the environment of Lan without via internet. I am not native english speaker, so I am not sure that everyone can understand my question ..;;; thank you for taking some time for reading.
  9. Hello. I just want to know about web application using bittorrent sync. I hope that I want to make web application with p2p technology(like bittorent sync). that is to say, In same LAN like company, lab of university, need to make web application for sharing big-sized file based web browser... so recently I started to start web programming but still don't have good thinking for that.. want to some that possible to make ?? plz let me know.. thank you for reading.