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  1. - Most of the time but not always when I rename a file it re-uploads the entire file to the other two sync members. The file is normally over 1GB.

    I have to assume this is not by design and maybe I have some thing configured incorrectly on my end?

    Any push in the right direction would greatly be appreciated.


    You can start from:


    1. Rename file when btsync in IDLE state (no upload\download activities);

    2. Rename file when btsync in ACTIVE state (downloading\uploading files);


    If rename will fail at step 2, try to decrease length of file path and repeat step 2

  2. Hi.


    I'm on 1.2.82, Linux.




    When I'm re-adding pre-populated folders to the sync club, is there a risk that my file will overwrite more recent changes on their end?   I want to use just what they have...


    Your file will overwrite file on remote host ONLY if YOUR file is NEWER (timestamp) than same file on OTHER machine(s) and sync established via R\W key, replaced file can be found in .SyncArchive on host where file is replaced.  If you planning to use only "what they have" you can establish sync via Read only key, or set up .SyncIgnore file


    I am sharing most of these folders with the same people, but they want to put the results in different locations, hence we get many shares.  Is it much better to try and just share a couple of much bigger folders, rather than lots of smaller ones individually?


    "Couple of much bigger folders" is better. More shares = more IDLE traffic



    There seems to be a LOT of idle traffic.  Why is it trying to find peers every second?  I don't want to eat up my bandwidth with the constant chatter.  I find I am turning off btsync when I need to skype/etc even though its just idling.


    btsync is it trying to find peers every second - because Search LAN option is ON. In folder options you can disable everything, ENABLE only known hosts option,   add known hosts ip:port . After that btsync will establish direct connection to known host without IDLE traffic.


    Try to disable upnp support on router and check how skype and btsync are working together. Bad router can be a reason.






    Hope my answers will help you

  3. some one please tell me how to make a post my bitttorrent is saying unable to load canot find file and then when i manually go to find it its not thier i need some seriouse help here and cant even fiqer out how to mak a post lmao !!!

    Can you please be more specific and describe problem step by step?

    OS type and version, error messages (if any), some info what you did with btsync before...

  4. I'm having same issue.

    First i ran without login details, the webinterface did not ask for it.

    Then i added the login details to the config file and the webinterface did start asking for them.

    Now i removed the login details again from the config file and the webinterface still asks for them.


    I'll also ask this question to the debian package maintainer

    Try this solution:

    1. Remove password from web ui

    2. Shutdown btsync

    3. Comment lines in config:

    /* "login" : "user",

        "password" : "pass"
    4.Run bstync with config.

  5. I don't know whether this is related but when I set up my BitTorrent Sync from my desktop to Android HTC One external SD card, it set up OK at first but then wouldn't sync, and now my SD card is not able to accessed. I've tried mounting and unmounting to no avail. Unfortunately I don't have a way to test the card somewhere else. It looks like BTSync killed the SD card!

    Question about external SD-Card:

    storage device via Y-cable?

  6. ---------------------------------------

    I have a very similar problem syncing a drive with 50 000 files.

    BTSync reports "indexing" for a few minutes, then the PC freezes completely.

    Not even the mouse pointer is moving, and I have to push the restart-button.

    The PC is running Win7 64-bit.What



    Did you checked Events Log in Control Panel\Administration after PC restart?

    Please check that in Advanced options of btsync application "low_disk_priority" parameter is set to "true"

    I think that your pc hardware is causing this. I'm using btsync with Win 7 x64 for sharing more than 100 000 files and didn't see critical lags during indexing