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  1. I did disable lan encrpytion on all seeds. I think that is not a problem with the cpu, and seems to have other problems, but I do not know the cause.
  2. Test the bittorrent sync, I had a check in real time the status of the network and cpu of raspberry pi all. As a result, cpu occupancy rate of raspberry pi which send files are 50-70%, 20-40% maximum network share was (100Mbps full-duplex). Raspberry pi some only to send / receive files, the problem is, not work raspberry pi most. Number of peer that is enabled seems to have been limited. The early sync, I was expected raspberry pi some become peer, after the first, peer and will increase. However, the results of my test, until all the files are sync, raspberry pe as a peer, there is only one to three. I want to know how can I raspberry pi all to send / receive at the same time.
  3. We have some tests, but When synchronizing the raspberry pi entire socket communication general ─ like FTP, speed was faster than bittorrent. I think, is not a problem with the IO, this is a configuration issue or a matter of bittorrent sync. I want to know how to set up a torrent client and how to set the bittorrent sync. Thank you for your reply.! :-)
  4. Hi ~! I am Newbie!! kk. I had a problem, but I don't know what to do. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I want to sync very fast file system that consists of an internal network of 10 raspberry pie. We must be synchronized faster than P2P general model. So I've used the BittorrentSync but speed was very slow. Perhaps, there seems to be a limit on the maximum number of peer BittorrentSync. I want to know how that can be synchronized to the high speed by using the Bittorrent protocol. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Thx for reading. XD.