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  1. OK, so apparently this is what happens when a folder doesn't sync with any peers for a long time. I don't think I like this behavior, it was extremely nerve-wracking.
  2. Title says it all. Those folders are on only two devices and have not synced in maybe a month or so. I am afraid to turn on the other machine in case Sync decides to just delete everything out of the blue.
  3. It would be nice to pause sync on a given folder but allow sync to continue otherwise. The thought came to me earlier today when I paused sync while downloading a file cut up into rars, which I didn't want synced, while at the same time adding a few files to some other folder. It's a minor point and I wouldn't prioritize it, but it would just be nice to have that kind of control, eventually.
  4. I signed up for this forum specifically to thank the devs for this excellent piece of software. It's just great! I was lamenting, earlier this year, the lack of such an easy syncing sans cloud product, and thinking that a golden opportunity was being missed. My conception of it would have used ftp. Good thing I never began work on that! Anyway - thanks to Newegg's 4TB for $150 deals, I finally decided to take the plunge and build a media server of solid capacity. Everything important, irreplaceable, or that takes a long time to collect is now synced with our RAID 10 summer machine without any hiccups or stupidity. It's glorious! The only other product I'm aware of that can possibly do this is AeroFS, and this just totally destroys it in terms of simplicity, ease of setup, and effectiveness. Aside from this, I also use it to sync my full music folder of ~500GB to my laptop. While I am currently using FolderSync coupled with Dropbox to sync my Calibre library to my Nook, it is an unnecessary indulgence (though I'm not sure if Android 2.2 is supported by the BTSync client for Android.) I'm reading the 'Sync Hacks' forum with great interest, and hope I will be able to contribute in the future...