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  1. OK, I renamed the file to get rid of the question mark and now the mac client does not crash.
  2. More information this morning. I tried syncing the same directory (with the filename with a ? in it) with another linux machine and it synced just fine, question mark and all (so, for the record, it handled it better than Spideroak). Next I'll trying renaming the file to get rid of the question mark and see if the Mac btsync client can proceed without crashing.
  3. Just noticed a few lines up in the sync.log that there is a file with a <DF> in the name (highlighted, when I view sync.log with less). When I view sync.log with emacs it's this character: ß and when I look at the actual file on the original machine (a linux box), it has a question mark in the name. I'm not sure where that came from, but could that be the problem? It does not exist on the Mac, like it never actually go copied over. Wow! Getting off topic now, but I had synced the same folder using Spideroak before, and I just looked at the destination folder and that file with the
  4. It's crashing for me too, but not until I started syncing a much larger folder than I was before (went from hundreds of megabytes to 1.6 GB). The last message in the sync.log says: [20130922 21:39:07.537] Going to connect to peer for file <some file.png>[20130922 21:39:07.537] Finished receiving metadata for '<some file.png>' (where <some file.png> is an actual filename and path) And then it just quits. Not clue as to why. I'm running btsync 1.1.70 on Max OS X 10.8.4. I have messages that 10.8.5 is ready to install, I just haven't done it yet. The pe