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  1. Hello everybody, I can confirm that it works with Synology: DS413 (PPC CPU, Glib Version 2.8) DS211 (ARM CPU, Glib Version 2.5) both DS installed via the It does not run on a Synology: DS209+II (PPC CPU, Glib 2.3.4) I tried to install it to the DS209+II as well, but it didn't work. The package won't start. I tried the download package ppc, but it tell me that it needs Glib 2.4. If somebody does know a way to install it on a DS209+II, i would be really happy, but i guess we need a ppc version from btsync with glib 2.3, like the x86 version. Mats
  2. Hi, BTsync is running on my DS413. I used the the synocommunity package It is working on a DS211 and a DS413, but not on a DS209+II Mats