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  1. Eyah. I did test sparse bundle images. They do work as expected; etc only new/changed bands being synced. I personally never tested this with dropbox due to the lack of possible need for it. Kinda makes me consider that simultaneous mounting of the image file is quite possibly going to possibly shred it though. The simple act of just mounting one triggers the updates of a few bands / modification date changes.
  2. Egads. All this hate for apple extended attributes. Reliability for AE is really only a consideration in special cases like BTsync or with admins who are too lazy to properly handle the macs using services on their network. Also; anyone who has used a project management system that integrates with apple labels for automatic status updating, or reads out status via labels would be sympathetic to their usefulness. It is fantastic. I am totally unsurprised by btsync not handling AE given the way it works. It would be nice in the future, but *shrug* I have this feeling that coming up with
  3. Yeah; I suppose it does fall into the category of extended attributes. It isn't bad to bring this up somewhere in these forums though; This is the one rare case where the attributes not syncing can render a file unusable. No need for a fix for this though even if it was easily achievable, I seriously doubt there are any mac btsync users who are dumping classic mac era files into their sync directories.
  4. This is at best a very edge issue for someone doing sync on a mac, but the old pre-osx/legacy 4-digit Type and Creator codes are (unsurprisingly) not synced. The vast majority of users syncing apple to apple aren't going to encounter this, but it is something to point out if some mac user with a legacy app is suddenly thinking they have corrupted files. Not surprising given that apple label/tags don't get synced either. Re-entering the appropriate codes for the affected file does fix the problem.