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  1. Hi, I'm using BtSync to sync my android smartphone, my Ubuntu laptop and a Ubuntu backup server. The android phone and the laptop are behind a very restrictive firewall and can't sync with the Ubuntu backup server, and I'm looking for a solution. Here is a schema : What can I do to try pass this firewall, how can I test the port (to try to find one working) or have I to give up ? With my laptop, I can reach the server with FTP, SSH, HTTP... Dropbox is working through this firewall. Thanks ! Ron
  2. Ok, my bad. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Yes, I use the read/write secret of an existing folder in the URL (&secret=myexistingreadwritesecret)
  4. Hi ! I'm trying the new encrypted peers feature. As described in the API documentation, we should get the 3 secrets with the url : http://[address]:[port]/api?method=get_secrets[&secret=(secret)&type=encryption]The documentation can be found there : (Chapter : "Get Secrets"). The problem is that when I try this, I only get two secrets, as you can see in the attached screenshot. Whatever, good job and congrats to the team !
  5. Hi, I'm using BittorrentSync trough my VPN to synchronize my Android Phone and my laptop and it works well. Today I started synchronization between my laptop and a dedicated server, for backup. The folders on the dedicated server are on a encrypted partition. The rights on synchronized folders are 771 but I would like them to be 700 (Or 200 if it's possible). How can I them the defaults rights for synchronized folders ? I apologize for my English, Thanks.