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  1. Hi all I have an issue .SyncIgnore is ignored by sync app I'm trying to sync my Lightroom catalogs but without previews and other temporary data Right now content of .SyncIgnore is identical on all computers and looks like .TrashesIcon?ehthumbs.dbdesktop.iniThumbs.db*.lrdata*.lrprev*.lock*.lrcat-journal*.db-journaldesktop Previews.lrdataroot-pixels.dbpreviews.dbTemporary Import Data.dbTemporary Import Data-2.dbTemporary Import Data-2.db-jornal I now it's redundant but it still doesn't work and I see in the history huge amount of strings like finished sync zenbook\zenbook Previews.lrdata\0\0005\000525FD-FB4A-4ED6-84C6-0439574444F3-077b070982fd42045ed5e932196fb988.lrprev I've tried to restar btsync, to remove and add again relder an resync it no luck. I still syncing tones of useless preview data. Is there any suggestions?