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  1. Just an update on my comment above; I have tried blocking connections from the BitTorrent Sync computer and the Yamaha receiver but this did not help at all. (I set this up in Windows firewall). It appears to be a network broadcast that is being sent out from the BitTorrent Sync client, and I haven't figured out a way to block that. (Apparently it's not possible to block network broadcasts without a third party firewall on the machine) I could set up a second VLAN for the amp, but didn't really want to go to that sort of effort! I have also tried disabling the "Search LAN" option for all of the synced folders but this did not help. As Marc has said above, there is obviously something in the BitTorrent Sync network broadcast that upsets the Yamaha devices. My amp is probably out of warranty, but I'll try to raise it as an issue with Yamaha anyway. Alternatively, perhaps the BitTorrent client is sending out something it shouldn't? I've done some searching and haven't seen any other issues with Yamaha receivers being knocked off the network due to LAN broadcasts, so maybe it is something that can be fixed on the Sync client? Justin
  2. I have just worked out that I have the same problem. I have a Yamaha RX-V671 but only have BitTorrent Sync running on a single computer in the house. When BitTorrent Sync is running, net radio streaming on my Yamaha receiver drops out within 5 - 20 minutes. Once that happens, I can't choose a different station, and can't log onto the receiver either via a browser or from the Yamaha app on my phone. I can still ping the receiver ok, but have no access to it. Turning it off and on again resolves the issue - but only for another 5-20 mins. If I turn off BitTorrent Sync on the computer, the receiver will stream net radio indefinitely. As soon as I turn it back on, the receiver will be unable to access the network again after about 5-20 mins. Hopefully this will be something simple. I suppose we could add a rule to the Windows firewall to prevent traffic between the BitTorrent computer and the Yamaha receiver, but I would only want to block the relevant BitTorrent Sync traffic as the computer is providing my music to the receiver via DLNA. Justin