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  1. sync.log on linux systems gives you this info.
  2. Hello Forum! Might just be the way I setup Sync but I get a different space usage from the web gui of Sync to what is on the drive. I have tested this across 4 machines ( all Ubuntu ). Windows seems unaffected. First I thought it was maybe just not counting the SyncArchive, but it still doesn't match up. Reindexing has completed. Anyone else found this ? Glen
  3. We are launching one in 2 weeks for beta testing. 2GB free + very cheap for more. AU, US Servers to start with. We have been in the online backup industry for 6 years - but mainly enterprise clients. This will be our first mass market venure. Beta interface.... I would put a picture ... but the forum is locked down for that.
  4. Hello BitSync, I am a dev for a company that is creating a cloud sync service. 2 weeks to beta release. I am running multiple btsync instances on freebsd, each with seperate ports. This issue that I have is that I can't seem to get the direct connection to work ( only via relay ). I was wondering if this is due to the multiple btsync's on one server? The firewall is open, confirmed by external tests. I see the clients tring the direct connection, but on different ports than we have set. Its like the tracker is advertising the correct IP and wrong port. ( the port isn't even in the range of btsync instance ports ) These connnections that are on the wrong port, the firewall drops the connection. If anyone could shed some light on this, that would be great. PS: Can't wait for the enterprise version with private relay / trackers!