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  1. I just emailed you the log file. FYI, this is the log file from the host computer where I was trying to add a new sync folder. This is where my problem is. The process hangs up part way through. I never tried syncing to it from my laptop yet. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you very much for helping. Chris
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I have the debug file. How can I send it to you? I don't see an attachment option here.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to help me. I feel like an idiot, I had seen the steps to collect the debug files but I could find any syncapp icon. What I see when I click on the btsync.exe file in my download folder the BitTorrent Sync 1.2.82 box with the 5 tabs across the top (folders, devices, transfers, history and preferences) and the add or remove sync folder at the bottom. It doesn't install a program per se. Where do I enable debugging from what I'm looking at. I don't see that as an option. Thank you again for trying to help.
  4. Thank you for the reply. I have plenty of room on my drive and all the files are closed. It always stops at the same place. I've read of others having similar problems but I've not heard of any concrete solution. By chance do you have any other ideas? Thanks again, Chris
  5. I've tried several times to add a new sync folder but it always stops at the same place which is 13.5 gig into a 19.7 gig folder. I've read a bunch on the forum but can't find anything on it. Any help would be much appreciated. Chris